Is your train delayed? Do you need assistance during your journey, but information is hard to find? An unpleasant experience indeed. So what happens next?

Rail passengers have rights that are laid down in EU regulation. This regulation contains a range of measures designed to defend the interests of rail passengers and ensure their rights, including:

  • the right to information to prepare a journey
  • the right to accessible information and assistance in the event of reduced mobility
  • the right to compensation in the event of a delay during the journey

For a comprehensive overview of your rights, please consult the Guide of the European Commission on rail passengers' rights.

SNCB's conditions of carriage strictly comply with the obligations laid down in these regulations and, for some points, go even further by granting you more protection and comfort (e.g. more advantageous reservation periods for the assistance of people with reduced mobility, more generous compensation in the event of delays, etc.).

* Regulation 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council on rail passenger rights and obligations.

Have you been delayed when travelling on the national rail network? You can obtain compensation for the inconvenience caused under certain conditions.