Group bookings: Standard conditions

When 15 people or more travel together, you can enjoy rail travel at reduced rates and on favourable terms.

  • 60% discount (based on the Standard Ticket rate)
  • entitled to reserved seats
  • the group travels together in 2nd class
  • 1€/way for children under 12 on the day of travel

Book your group excursion on time
Preferably book your group excursion as early as possible and at the latest 7 calendar days before your date of departure.

Book your group travel!

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will receive a copy of your enquiry by email. After this we will check whether sufficient seats are available on which trains. In so doing we will pay close attention to your desired departure and arrival times. We will then send you a detailed proposal by email.

Book your group trip online (min. 15 people)

  1. Go to the online application form
  2. Choose the type of reservation for your trip
  3. Fill in the travel details of your group
  4. Calculate the price of your trip
  5. Send your reservation request
  6. We will contact you as soon as possible
Do you have any questions about Group Ticket? Check out our frequently asked questions in the Group Ticket FAQs.

Take account of the following restrictions for group travel:

  • some trains are not accessible for (school) groups due to the increased occupancy rate
  • on certain dates, the maximum capacity of trains to popular destinations may have been reached. Where this is the case, we will try to find the best alternative with you
  • on working days, reservations are not permitted on trains serving stations in the Brussels Area at peak times (to Brussels from 07:00 to 09:00 and from Brussels between 16:00 and 18:30)
  • on many trains the number of seats available to be reserved is limited, so book well in advance!
  • For logistical reasons, groups are not allowed to bring bicycles.