Thanks to its 9 traction workshops spread across the country, the SNCB is able to offer different levels of preventive and/or corrective maintenance on electric or diesel locomotives. The range of services can go from a simple sand or diesel replenishment to a global maintenance contract.

Our traction workshop in Antwerp is strategically located in the middle of the port of Antwerp on the European freight corridors and our workshops in Kinkempois, Arlon and Melle are also located close to these corridors.

The central workshop in Salzinnes (Namur) specialises in major overhauls or modernisations of locomotives. This workshop also specialises in the installation of ETCS systems on locomotives and railcars. The Salzinnes workshop is also involved in the maintenance of urban railway equipment (e.g. partnership with STIB) and in the maintenance and overhaul of mechanical, electrical and electronic parts (e.g. partnership with Eurotunnel, Thalys).