SNCB is partnering with Siemens Mobility for the maintenance of Vectron locomotives in its traction workshop in Antwerp (TW Antwerpen). Its location at the center of the port's rail network reduces the environmental impact, maintenance costs and downtime of the locomotives for the rail operators.

SNCB and Siemens Mobility under the name "Locomotive Services Antwerp" will be jointly responsible for the maintenance of the Siemens Vectron locomotives. The partnership will thus become part of the Siemens Mobility network and the maintenance will be carried out at TW Antwerpen.

The collaboration between SNCB and Siemens makes it possible to combine professionalism, expertise, availability of spare parts and access to a workshop with all the necessary equipment. Together we contribute to offering the best services at the best prices for users of Vectron locomotives. Together, we contribute to making the port of Antwerp more attractive for freight transport and actively participate in the ambition to double rail transport in the port area by 2030.

The SNCB Antwerp traction workshop is the first certified maintenance workshop for traction equipment in Belgium according to the European ECM 2019/779 regulation. With the possibility to maintain up to 80 locomotives in and around the site, of which about 40 can be located in the workshop itself, the workshop has +/- 160 SNCB employees who work together with Siemens experts to offer the following services:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of locomotives (incl. TBL1+ safety systems, ETCS, ATB PZB/LZB, …)/li>
  • Lifting work: changing bogies, transformers...
  • Bogies repair: exchange of main components such as axles
  • Modifications and repair work
  • Mobile interventions for locomotives
  • Weighing of locomotives
  • Privileged access to Siemens spare parts
  • Cleaning cabin
  • Paint cabin
  • Lathe in pit near the workshop
  • Welding (according to EN 15085 standard)
  • Non-destructive testing (according to ISO 9712 + DIN 27201 7 standards)

The location of our workshop in Antwerp, right in the middle of the port, ensures a reduced downtime for the maintenance of Vectron locomotives.