Antwerp-North workshop - technician

Rail freight transport plays a key role in the sustainable economy and is the driving force of major european supply chains which we wish and need to keep running. Hundreds of freight wagons travel across Belgium in national and international transports every day. Including yours.

You must have heard of SNCB Wagon Maintenance Services. As experienced professional in the area of freight wagon maintenance, we guarantee maximum reliability and high quality standards.

The SNCB Wagon Workshop of Antwerp-North offers you many advantages that make the difference: a strategic location at the heart of the Antwerp harbour, easily accessible infrastructure, experienced maintenance teams with a passion for delivering excellence in wagon maintenance, of which we have decades of experience.

For increased flexibility, we use mobile teams. These teams operate at busy junctions such as Antwerp, Ghent-Terneuzen, Zeebrugge and Liège, as well as anywhere in Belgium.

Discover below a video of the Antwerp-North workshop from the air and view the workshop in 360° (in Dutch)


Wagon keepers for the ones we perform the wagon maintenance with passion:


Locomotive maintenance services

Thanks to its 9 traction workshops spread throughout the country, SNCB is able to offer various levels of preventive and/or corrective maintenance on electric locomotives or on diesel locomotives.

Miscellaneous sales

SNCB has a team specialising in the sale of: railway components, recyclable materials, reusable equipment, decommissioned rolling stock.