Our approach: to listen and translate your needs and wishes for the maintenance of your wagons into an operational scenario.

Together we discuss the following:

  • wagon type
  • intervention type, including additional tasks if applicable
  • leading technical rules, including additional input from the responsible ECM
  • customised offer
  • capacity booking further to commitment
  • operational action plan (revision scheme, lead-time determination, handover of specific technical instructions, minimum stock requirements, communication matrix,...)
  • if applicable, performing a prototype
  • agreements can be formalised in a SNCB wagon maintenance contract

We prefer to meet you at the workshop where the overhaul is executed.

Throughout our moments of alignment, you can rely on our experts to give you technical advice and assistance at all times. Agreements with third parties, e.g. concerning tank maintenance, can also be reached at the workshop.

Several meetings (on site or digital) are scheduled to follow-up the maintenance progress of your fleet.

We check that everything is being done in accordance with the planned maintenance programme. When a bottleneck (unexpected damage, etc.) occurs you will be informed immediately.

From minor repairs to comprehensive overhauls, from the first contact to full commitment, we have a passion for wagon maintenance.

Our Wagon Maintenance Services have expertise and know-how and work with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to meet your current and future needs.