Zeebrugge repair track

The fast-repair tracks in Zeebrugge are an ideal location for wheelset replacements, UIC 543-1 brake testing and curative maintenance.

The SNCB mobile intervention teams

We offer mobile repair services from our locations in Antwerp, Ghent, Zeebrugge and Liège and repairs on location throughout Belgium. Wheelset replacements (using a crane) and on track brake-testing can be performed. We also deliver maintenance tasks on customer request at terminals such as lubrification, replacing brake blocks, safety checks, etc.

The SNCB Central Workshop in Mechelen

This partner workshop overhauls vital components such as wheelsets, brake controllers, distributors, AC3D units, load-proportional valves, etc., and can therefore maintain a permanent stock of spare parts.

The Mechelen Central Workshop is VPI certified for IL, IS 1, IS 2 and IS 3 wheelset revisions.

At this workshop, wagon components and wheelsets are maintained as part of a separate work order or as part of the maintenance at the wagon workshop. In the latter case, the logistical activities between the workshops are organised by SNCB.