We offer a high-quality and flexible total package of preventive and curative maintenance for freight wagons to wagon owners, railway undertakings and users, aiming to maximise the in-service time of your freight wagons.

4 key-business areas

Preventive wagon maintenance

  • according to VPI guidelines: G 4.0, G 4.2 and G 4.8, Br 3, IS 1 and IL, IS 2, IS 3 via our partner workshop in Mechelen.
  • in accordance with the specific instructions from the ECM/wagon keeper

Curative wagon maintenance

  • in accordance with the GCU-specifications
  • in accordance with the ECM-specifications
  • minor repairs such as step or handle replacements
  • major repair work after derailment in order to return the wagon to safe operation


From renewal of wooden floors to reconversion of worker’s shed wagons, we have the necessary equipment.


Our long-standing experience enables us to do all necessary work, including brake-system retrofits.