1. For contracts below the European publication threshold, the SNCB Procurement Department, together with the requesting department, selects the candidates who will be sent the specification. If you wish to qualify as a supplier for these contracts, please email qualifications@sncb.be with a brief introduction to your company and your contact details. We will consider whether it is appropriate to create additional suppliers for certain products.
  2. For contracts above the European publication threshold, candidate suppliers must follow the Belgian Official Gazette and the Official Journal of the European Union, in which these contracts are published. By applying for one of these contracts, you will automatically be added to the SNCB supplier database.
  3. SNCB uses a qualification system for a number of strategic components. How do you become qualified?

Send an email to qualifications@sncb.be with your contact details and the system for which you wish to
apply. You will be sent a questionnaire that forms the basis of the first stage in the qualification process, the
administrative review. The aim is to gain a better understanding of your technical capabilities, your experience
in the railway sector, the management and quality of the goods or services and the financial stability of your
If the administrative review produces a positive result, the next step involves a visit to the production
sites for an audit. During this audit, which usually lasts one day, the results of the questionnaire are tested in
practice. Special attention is paid to the means of production, the various processes, quality, etc.
Following a positive audit result, the supplier candidate is qualified for six years, with the possibility of
six-year extensions. If the result is negative, qualification may be refused or provisional qualification may be
granted for a limited period of time.

Note: If your company has an IRIS certificate or other rail operator certificate, you may be able to skip some qualification stages.

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Qualification system

Here you will find everything you need to know about the qualification system.

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What do we buy?

The SNCB Procurement Department purchases all of the equipment that a rail operator needs to function

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How do we buy?

At SNCB, all purchases are made in accordance with the law governing public procurement.

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Sustainable procurement

SNCB has a sustainable purchasing policy that effectively combines environmental, economic and social aspects.

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Tools & tips

List of tools used as part of the procedure for awarding public contracts