Procurement & investments

Procurement is the purchasing division of SNCB. The Procurement professionals support SNCB in meeting its objectives.

Procurement's vision guarantees an optimal purchasing strategy based on a sustainable and customer-oriented approach allowing for the best economic conditions.

To determine the best possible purchasing strategy, we work on the basis of the following basic principles:
  • Customer-oriented approach: we do everything to meet the customer's requirements and we try to foster a mindset that is always open to new ideas in order to optimise shared processes.
  • Quality: we are committed to the error-free supply of goods and services in accordance with the specifications communicated by our customers and within the agreed deadline, while welcoming continuous improvements.
  • Flexibility: within the constraints of our available resources and of legislation, we demonstrate flexibility in order to be able to quickly meet the urgent or changing demands of our customers.
  • Integrity: we always operate according to the Law governing Public Procurement and do so with complete honesty and transparency, both with regard to customers and suppliers and within the organisation. We treat customers, suppliers and our colleagues with respect.
  • Efficiency: we aim to achieve the optimal ratio between purchase prices and the required quality.
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What do we buy?

All the supplies required for a rail operator to be able to operate its various units within SNCB

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How do we buy?

At SNCB, all purchases are made in accordance with the law governing public procurement.

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Tools & tips

List of tools used as part of the procedure for awarding public contracts

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How do you become a supplier?

How to qualify