The CEO of SNCB has recently sent a letter to the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region, the Federal Minister of Mobility, the Federal Minister of the Interior, and the mayors of Saint-Gilles and Anderlecht, regarding the persistent issues around Brussels-Midi station, with the aim of enhancing both security and cleanliness.

The observation is well known: the situation within and around the station is currently dire in terms of disturbances and uncivil behavior, even though over 50,000 people use the train there every day, making it the busiest station in Belgium. Furthermore, it serves as the international hub for rail traffic in our country and the main gateway for international travelers visiting Belgium. It's also the main workplace for SNCB: 4,000 employees work in the immediate vicinity of the station.

SNCB is taking measures with an integrated action plan, including the deployment of Securail agents and collaboration with external partners such as railway police and local police. They are increasing cleaning efforts, making physical improvements within the station, and spearheading the renovation project of the former Tri Postal building located on Avenue Fonsny, which will have a positive impact on the station area.

However, this is not enough, and SNCB neither has the means nor the expertise to tackle it alone. Passenger and staff safety is SNCB's top priority, which requires each partner to take responsibility, whether it's basic security, prevention, urban planning, cleanliness, etc.

SNCB has made two requests in its letter:

They insist on an immediate initiative, bringing together stakeholders to ensure immediate improvement on the ground. It would be appropriate to appoint a single body to coordinate between the various involved partners and integrate with SNCB's action plan.

SNCB would like to start discussions regarding the installation of a police station near Brussels-Midi, particularly exploring whether this station can be housed within the station itself. This could indeed be part of the response to current challenges.

For SNCB, it is essential that all competent authorities and partners act immediately and proactively to address current issues and find appropriate solutions. This will not only benefit travelers, railway staff, and the local community, but will also enhance the overall image of Brussels and our country.