At SNCB, we put the customer at the centre of everything we do. Our employees are so motivated by this mission that they are constantly thinking about what could be done to better serve customers, both external and internal. Each year, the Customer Focus Awards, set up within SNCB to salute in-house initiatives, reward actions designed by the teams in different categories.

In the "INFO & SERVICE" category, the Award went to the "Audible announcements to warn of the closure of Antwerp-Central station" action, which ensures that Securail teams and station staff are not confronted with the presence of late arrivals in the station after the doors have closed. This announcement will shortly be rolled out to all automated messages (EMMA).

In the STATION category, the "Safer and more pleasant Roeselare station" initiative, developed in collaboration with the town, proposes a global approach to making the station safer and more pleasant. Effective measures have been put in place, including a ban on alcohol in certain areas, wayfinding/signage, floral decorations, occupation of concessions, works of art, etc.

In the TRAIN category, the "PowerApp EverCheck" initiative won the award. This is a useful tool for digitally filling in a whole series of records/checklists or for consulting information. The app was initially developed for the Melle workshop, but has proved so practical that it now has over 2,500 users.

In the TEAMWORK category, the "Good morning Namur! initiative aims to bring together the Station, Marketing & Sales, Train Escort, Station Staff, Securail and Passenger Information teams for a 15-minute cross-functional briefing every week, during which they share information likely to have an impact on the customer experience at Namur station.

In the INTERNAL CUSTOMER category, the action "Training witnesses to inappropriate behaviour" was selected. In collaboration with SNCB's Diversity team and the city of Ghent, training was organised for Securail staff and other staff who witness inappropriate behaviour in customer-facing professions.

Finally, in the PROS' CHOICE category, the "Online Sales Support 2.0" project simplifies and optimises the online sales support modules for national products used by the Contact Centre sales team. As a result, they can find the information they need more quickly and offer customers a better service.

These initiatives were selected from over 40 entries. All the actions nominated for the Customer Focus Awards were driven by the same desire on the part of SNCB's teams to redouble their efforts to serve customers.

Audible announcements to warn of the closure of Antwerp-Central station (video in french)

Witness training for inappropriate behaviour (video in french)

Online Sales Support 2.0 (video in french)

Safer and more pleasant Roeselare station (video in french)

Good morning Namur!’ (video in french)

PowerApp EverCheck (video in french)