The new intermodal bridge station of Fleurus, built in partnership by SNCB and Infrabel, has just been inaugurated in the presence of Georges Gilkinet, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mobility, Philippe Henry, Vice-President of the Walloon Government and Minister of Mobility, and Adrien Dolimont, Minister of Airports. Concurrently, starting from June 6, 2023, new bus lines departing from Fleurus and Luttre stations to Brussels South Charleroi Airport will be operated by TEC. Located just 15 minutes by bus from the airport, the SNCB station of Fleurus is now directly connected to Charleroi Airport, facilitating seamless intermodality between train and bus for both tourists and regular travelers. SNCB and Infrabel have jointly invested 15.4 million euros in this project: 10.5 million euros for SNCB and 4.9 million euros for Infrabel.

A new station building for Fleurus that is both intermodal, comfortable, and functional

The new SNCB station of Fleurus aims to be intermodal: it has been designed so that passengers can easily transition from one mode of transport to another, all the way to the airport, comfortably and safely.

A covered bridge of 36 meters in length, built by SNCB in partnership with Infrabel, now replaces the old station building. It is equipped with stairs, ramps, and three elevators to serve each platform and allows for a connection between the city side, where the new waiting room and a 30-space car parking lot are located, and the Saint-Roch side, where a shelter for waiting for the airport bus has been built. This shelter is adjacent to a secure bike storage room (12 spaces). A new car parking lot for 150 cars has also been arranged. A drop-off zone and additional bike parking (12-space rack) under the canopy of the passenger building have been set up on the city side.

The platforms have been raised by Infrabel and its subsidiary TUC RAIL from an initial height of 26 cm to 76 cm to increase comfort and safety and have been equipped by SNCB (tactile lines, lighting, signage, etc.).

The new station is also entirely accessible to people with reduced mobility.


On June 6, 2023, TEC launches two new lines to Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA). In addition to the existing A1 line from Charleroi station, the A2 line will now connect Fleurus station, and the A3 line, Luttre station.

At the heart of this new offering is intermodality. Indeed, passengers from Charleroi Airport will have more options to reach the airport via public transport. Workers at the aeropole, Biopark, and Heppignies industrial zone will also have more convenience reaching their workplaces thanks to TEC. This new transport offering was made possible through the effective coordination of various mobility players (TEC, SNCB, and Infrabel) and with the support of key actors in this area (BSCA, Sowaer, and Igretec).


Line A1: CHARLEROI Central Station - CHARLEROI Airport

2 buses per hour between 4:30 am and 11:30 pm.

In December 2023, the A1 line will see its offering increase to 3 buses per hour.

Zones/sites served:

  • Parking P3 of BSCA
  • Heppignies industrial zone

Line A2: FLEURUS SNCB Station - CHARLEROI Airport

1 bus per hour from 4:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Zones/sites served:

  • Heppignies industrial zone
  • Wangenies industrial zone
  • Parking P3 of BSCA

Line A3: LUTTRE SNCB Station - CHARLEROI Airport

2 buses per hour between 4:30 am and 11:30 pm.

Zones/sites served:

  • Aeropole
  • Biopark

Ticket information:

An "Airport" ticket at €6 per journey is offered to passengers of A lines. It provides a connection on regular lines either outbound or inbound within 60 minutes. To easily purchase a ticket for airport shuttles, simply visit the TEC app or E-SHOP. Tickets can also be bought at SELF machines, TEC spaces in Charleroi, and on board A line vehicles.

On the A line, the following tickets are allowed: combined SNCB tickets (including CITY PASS subscriptions) and regular TEC subscriptions.


With the new SNCB transport plan, starting from December 2023, many stations in the country will be better connected to Charleroi Airport. A new IC relationship Louvain – Wavre – Ottignies – Court-Saint-Etienne – Fleurus – Charleroi-Central will be in service from Monday to Sunday with a train every hour. This new train will be faster, connecting Louvain, Wavre, and Ottignies to Fleurus in 50, 30, and 20 minutes, respectively.

This new IC relationship will also be the fastest to connect Louvain, Wavre, and Ottignies to Charleroi-Central station.

Simultaneously, the frequency of the S61 train Wavre – Ottignies – Fleurus – Charleroi-Central – Namur – Jambes will be doubled on weekends to run every hour instead of every 2 hours.

Together, the new IC relationship and the S61 relationship will allow travelers to reach Charleroi Airport every half-hour via a connection with the TEC airport bus at Fleurus station.

The station is now fully intermodal, allowing for smooth transitions between modes of transport, all the way to Charleroi Airport!