Starting today, the general public can also test and contribute to the improvement of new features in the SNCB app before their integration into the official application. This is possible through SNCB Lab, the test version of the official SNCB application, which is similar to the normal version but without the ability to make purchases. For several years, SNCB has been thoroughly testing new features there, both with railway experts and future users, to expand and enhance the functions of its application.

There are numerous advantages to SNCB Lab. Travelers can test new features there for several weeks. Their feedback allows for a faster integration of these features into the official app after a positive evaluation. SNCB Lab can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play.

Two new features to test

Users can already test two new features, temporarily available on SNCB Lab: "Train Composition" and "Don't Miss My Stop." Based on their evaluation, it will be decided whether to integrate them into the SNCB app or not.

  • "Train Composition" provides practical information about the train the traveler wants to take. This function indicates, for example, if the train is equipped with air conditioning, where the cars with bike spaces or first class are located. Most rolling stock is part of the test, with more to follow in a second phase.
  • "Don’t Miss My Stop" will help travelers who are afraid of missing their destination station or connection. By activating this option, the traveler will be alerted as they approach their station.

SNCB Lab is a development of the SNCB Innovation Lab, which selects, tests, and launches new projects to continuously improve the customer experience.