Starting Wednesday, train passengers at Roeselare station can make use of the new bicycle parking located at the back of the station. The new parking facility is fully covered and offers more than eight hundred parking spaces, which is over fifty percent more than the previous bicycle parking area.

With the new bicycle parking, SNCB aims to ensure that its passengers can conveniently park their bicycles, mopeds, or cargo bikes at the station before transferring to the train. The new parking facility aligns with the plan to develop Roeselare station into a transportation hub, facilitating smooth transitions between different modes of transportation.

The new bicycle parking features a total of 840 parking spaces, with sixty spaces reserved for mopeds and cargo bikes. Additionally, there are around sixty spaces allocated for Blue Bike shared bicycles. A portion of the parking area, accounting for 140 spaces, is situated within a secured zone accessible only to passengers with a MOBIB card. This section also includes designated spaces for cargo bikes.