At the beginning of this year, SNCB announced its search for 1,600 collaborators (M/F/X). Today, more than 800 candidates have been selected, with the majority already starting their assignments in the field or joining teams in the coming weeks and months. SNCB is still looking for 800 new collaborators this year, across various professions. To fill these vacancies, SNCB launches a new recruitment campaign, with its slogan emphasizing one of the main motivations to join SNCB: "Make a Difference at SNCB."

Like most Belgian companies, SNCB must make significant efforts each year to fill its numerous job positions. The good news: SNCB is gaining popularity in the job market. In the first three months of the year, SNCB received twice as many applications as during the same period last year.

"Make a Difference"

The societal impact of a job at SNCB is one of the primary motivations for candidates to apply within the company. This motivation is at the core of SNCB's new recruitment campaign launched this week, with the slogan "Make a Difference at SNCB." This campaign can be seen and heard online, on the radio, and through posters in stations and trains.

1,600 job vacancies in 2023: A significant challenge in a tight job market

The job vacancies in 2023 mainly involve operational staff: train attendants and conductors, technical profiles in workshops, security agents at Securail, and employees in stations or for customer service.

Positions are also available for architects and engineers, such as site managers, or for lesser-known and less visible railway professions, such as those working in marshalling yards, vast areas where trains are prepared before departure.

Filling all these positions in today's tight job market in some regions is not an easy task. Efforts will be made throughout the year, including through this new recruitment campaign, as well as through regularly organized events, the presence at various job fairs, and collaborations with Forem, Actiris, VDAB, and Bruxelles Formation.

You can find more information about various SNCB professions on the website