Passengers with reduced mobility can now more easily request assistance for train travel through the SNCB website. The website now incorporates the functions and benefits of the SNCB Assist app launched in January. The application has indeed been a resounding success: over 4,500 assistance requests have already been submitted through this channel, accounting for 30% of the total number of requests during this period.

Assistance requests have long been possible through the SNCB website but have been underutilized. Before the app's launch, passengers primarily requested assistance by calling the customer service hotline. Today, while the phone remains the main channel, 30% of requests are already made through the new application.

Simplified with new features

The success of the application, precisely four months after its launch, proves its utility for travelers. The application, and now the website, include several features that simplify the assistance request process:

  • The application works with a personal login, the My SNCB account: the traveler does not need to fill in their details each time and can request assistance in a few clicks. The application remembers the required help, such as whether a ramp is needed to bridge the gap between the platform and the train.
  • The traveler can use a personalized travel planner that only indicates stations where assistance is possible, based on the type of assistance requested.
  • The traveler selects the train and stations where assistance is required. The request is directly transmitted to the assistance personnel, who then confirm if it's possible.
  • The traveler can submit multiple requests simultaneously for the same route, up to 30 days in advance. This is useful for commuters who take the same journey several times a week.
  • In the app, the traveler can track the status of their request and cancel it if necessary. A request can also be submitted by a third party, such as a parent or companion of a traveler.

To develop these new features, several associations advocating for the interests of people with reduced mobility collaborated. Roundtable discussions were held to understand their needs, and future users were the first to test the innovations.

Various channels

Over 48,000 assistance requests were recorded in 2022. Assistance can be requested at 132 stations and can be arranged up to 3 hours in advance for direct trips between the country's 41 largest stations. These are the stations where two-thirds of travelers board the train. Assistance requests can be made by phone, through the website, the SNCB Assist application, as well as via Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram.

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