To find out more, download our brochure "Sustainable transport, sustainable work"

Our roadmap for a sustainable SNCB covers 6 areas:

1. Increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Drive more economically and save energy

Objective: -5% in energy consumed

  • Make the transition to LED lighting
  • Heat our buildings in a more energy-saving way

Objective: -7% in energy consumed

2. Rationalise water consumption 
  • Consume less tap water
  • Use more rainwater

Objective: -10% in tap water consumed

3. Use fewer consumables
  • Reduce paper consumption

Objective: -50% in paper consumed 

  • Analysis of other consumables harmful to the environment

Objective: remove individual printers

4. Reduce and sort waste
  • More selective disposal of waste
  • Produce less waste

Objective: -10% office waste

5. Combat noise pollution
  • Use quieter trains

Objective: quieter trains over 70% of routes

6. Continue to decontaminate soil
  • Carry out decontamination of the soil
  • Avoid any new pollution

Objective: conduct decontamination operations in accordance with agreements that have been entered into and regional legislation


Our strategy

To strengthen the sustainable DNA of SNCB.


Our vision

Sustainable travel as a pillar of a sustainable society
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"Sustainable transport, sustainable work" brochure

Under the motto “Sustainable transport, sustainable work”, we are encouraging all of our partners to go green.