Throughout the course of the period December 2017-2020, SNCB's new transport plan aims to extend rail services by 5.2%, 0.8% of which had already been completed with the timetable change of the 10/12/2016 including the addition of 72 new trains spread across the week and weekend.

By 2020, 20% of stops will thus enjoy new connecting services or ones with increased frequency during the week. 114 stops will be better served during peak hours and/or mornings or late evenings. At weekends, more than 120 stops will benefit from improved services. In particular, on Saturdays we envisage a range of services intended for towns for shopping. And on Sundays, additional trains will be commissioned for students.

In terms of journey times, they will be reduced by an average of 3% for the one hundred most important origin-destination pairings. With its new transport plan, SNCB also aims to promote the intermodal nature of its range of services in order to standardise connecting services with other public transport companies.
On this page, you can watch a short animation explaining the challenges in the 2017-2020 transport plan, as well as various presentations for each province.

Information sessions in every province

The details of the expansion of the range of rail services as well as the investment projects throughout the provinces were communicated during the month of March 2017 at roadshows to which all the mayors and their elected representatives were invited. Click on the links below to view the various presentations and press releases published as part of the March 2017 information sessions to explain the 2017-2020 transport plan.

Liège  20/03/2017       Presentation   Press release
Namur 21/03/2017         Presentation        Press release
Western Flanders              23/03/2017                 Presentation (NL)                Press release
Eastern Flanders 24/03/2017  Presentation Press release
Walloon Brabant 27/03/2017 Presentation Press release
Limbourg 28/03/2017 Presentation (NL) Press release
Brussels-Capital 28/03/2017 Presentation Press release
Flemish Brabant  29/03/2017 Presentation (NL)          Press release
Luxembourg 30/03/2017 Presentation Press release
Hainaut 31/03/2017 Presentation Press release
Antwerp 19/04/2017 Presentation (NL) Press release