The world has changed a lot. The current pandemic accelerated the implementation of a project on the SNCB roadmap: the occupancy rate indicator in trains.

To enable passengers to take the train in complete safety, we have set up a new application: MoveSafe. It informs passengers of the expected occupancy rate on the train. This way, our passengers have a precise view of the density of people before boarding.

How does it work in practice?

The occupancy rate is calculated, on the one hand, on historical data by means of algorithms and artificial intelligence (data from similar previous journeys is taken) and, on the other hand, on real-time data added by the train attendant via his smartphone. This gives a fairly accurate indication that you can find in the application.

Passengers take charge of their journey

Thanks to this new information, users receive all the information they need to make the best possible decisions during their journey. Thanks to its colour code, our travellers can easily see if the train is almost full or not. In this way, they have the possibility to adapt their route.