The Stations directorate is responsible for managing and maintaining stations and stops, car and bike parks, SNCB buildings and land. It is responsible for the construction, refurbishment, procurement and sale, the leasing of state and commercial concessions, and every aspect of managing all property and asset management (operations, space management, maintenance, cleaning…). 


  • Property management: managing SNCB administrative buildings and upgrading SNCB buildings and land, including through the sale of strategic property and the development or refurbishment of the areas surrounding stations.
  • Managing stations: the development, modernisation and upkeep of stations, stops and their adjoining buildings with a focus on customer service, intermodal transport links, safety, cleanliness and ease of access. With a varied offer of services and information to passengers.
  • Facility Management: delivery of technical services, cleaning, etc.. With the objective of providing our customers and our staff with clean stations, stops and office buildings equipped with technical installations in good working order (lifts and escalators, heating, lighting, safety equipment…).
  • Commercial activities: the development and management of commercial activities within stations. A strategy for the commercial evaluation of the available space and the make-up of the commercial mix.
  • Guardianship of the subsidiaries Publifer and B-Parking


The challenge for the Stations directorate is accommodating passengers and customer services. The priority projects are as follows:

  1. The modernisation of reception infrastructure (modern, functional and intermodal stations)
  2. Creating an inventory of and upgrading SNCB property assets;
  3. Finalising large-scale work in progress, such as works as part of Regional Express Network ('RER')
  4. The development of commercial services and shops within stations.