Atelier central de Salzinnes

Workshop activities

Salzinnes workshop, created in 1904, has been providing heavy maintenance services on traction rolling stock for more than 110 years.

Over the course of some decades, this workshop has has had to adapt to the changes in rolling stock and technologies. Today, thanks to an ultra-high-performance refurbishment line, thanks to a rationalised parts distribution sub-line, thanks to a state-of-the-art electronic laboratory employing optimised methods, the Salzinnes workshop is able to work on the most modern and oldest rolling stock whilst paying attention to limited processing times to minimise the extent to which rolling stock is put out of service.

Today, the workshop specialises in diesel and electric locomotives, in electric multiple units and double-ended locomotives.

It undertakes the following main activities:

  • Large-scale maintenance of diesel and electric locomotives (mid-life jobs), including full disassembly and refurbishment of all component parts (electric motors, electronic components, relays, bogies, wheelsets, diesel motors, etc.). Upon completing these refurbishments, some parts are tested on test benches developed and provided for this purpose.
  • The refurbishment and repair or spare parts coming from locomotives or electric multiple units maintained in line workshops located throughout Belgium or coming from third-party companies.
  • The installation of the ETCS safety system on locomotives, electric multiple units or on double-ended locomotives.
  • The purchase and distribution of consumables to line workshops.


AC Salzinnes
Rue Fond des Bas-Près
5000 Namur