Formation accompagnateur

SNCB is accredited as a training body for train conductors. The training body provides:

  • basic training;
  • advanced training.


The training body organises examinations in the following cases:

  • upon completion of a basic or advanced training session;
  • at the three-yearly testing of professional skills;
  • when an ad hoc and substantiated request is made to test professional competency.

Access to the training courses is guaranteed for staff of all railway companies operating on Belgian railway infrastructure.

Upon completion of the training course, the trainee will be able to respond effectively and safely to the following professional situations based upon:

  • the required statutory knowledge;
  • the required line and rolling stock knowledge;
  • specialist skills.

A professional situation is an integrated set of tasks to be completed, of rules to be observed and decisions to be taken.

The training pathways are based upon:

  • A task-oriented training course using professional situations;
  • Graduated complexity of teaching in different phases;
  • Integrating theory and practise.

Upon completion of the training course, the candidate undergoes a certification test. If this test is successfully passed, the candidate is awarded his/her certificate.

SNCB has 3 train conductor training campuses (Antwerp, Brussels and Namur)


Preparation for the certification test for the purpose of obtaining a passenger train conductor's certificate on the Belgian rail network.


  • organising the work;
  • communicating with security partners;
  • braking;
  • electrification;
  • signalling and traffic;
  • departure procedure;
  • coupling and uncoupling;
  • abnormal situations;
  • incident, distress, obstacle, accident.


Expanding the candidate's professional competencies.


  • High-speed lines;
  • Innovations.
Theory 90 €/hour p.p. Trainer per group (max. 12 candidates)
Practical 80 €/heure p.p. Trainer per group (max. 6 candidates)
Written evaluation  300 € p.p. Minimum invoice 1200 €
Oral evaluation 300 € p.p. Minimum invoice 1200 €

For all information about the training courses, exams and registrations:

Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Belges (SNCB)
Wouter De Block
Avenue de la porte de Hal, 40
1060 Brussels, Belgium

Tel:+32 2 528 38 38

formation conducteurs

Train conductors training centre

SNCB is accredited as a training centre for train conductors.

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