Mobility is changing at warp speed. New technologies and players are constantly appearing on the market. And our customers are adjusting their expectations accordingly. They want flexibility, multimodal solutions and information to be available everywhere and at all times. To meet these challenges, NMBS/SNCB is going to have to be more innovative in the very near future.

To join this changing world and take up its challenges, NMBS/SNCB has set up the Innovation Program. This comprises three core projects:

  • The Innovation Lab: a small, dedicated team that designs innovative projects independently.
  • The Innovation Community: a working group of around 60 staff members from all departments at NMBS/SNCB. They supply the Program with new ideas and organise the interaction between the Lab and the organisation as a whole.
  • Cooperation with external partners (start-ups, corporate partners, etc.): any company that is able to supply innovative solutions in order to improve our customer journey experience.
Recently, a fourth pillar was added: an accelerator program under which company staff can implement their innovative ideas with appropriate support and tools.


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