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From the cave-dwelling bear to the Teddy bear

Who or what are bears? When did they first appear? Were there any in Belgium? Do they just eat honey? Are they really all so clumsy? Where and how do they live? Are they still endangered? Is the yeti actually a bear?

This exhibition provides an opportunity for children aged between 4 and 104 to find out about the wild animals on security blankets and characters in the much-loved books or drawings of our childhood.

 Teddy & Bear presents the evolution of bears – the first ones appeared 35 million years ago all the way up to the eight species of today – their way of life (food, winter hibernation, reproduction, locomotion) and their complex relationships with man... Varying according to region and era, these plantigrades have fascinated, have been feared and exterminated. In the future will teddy bears be the sole survivors?

Naturalised specimens, fossils, multimedia, videos, interactive installations, 3D reconstructions, not to mention teddy bears, will help you come face to face with these fascinating plantigrades.

As a partner of the exhibition, the WWF presents one of its projects to protect bears. Please support and enjoy it!