Mirroring the Great War in Flanders

Relive the First World War on the front line in Western Flanders. Captivating video screenings, unique audio extracts and multimedia applications preserve an important link with the past.

The whole thing falls under the theme of an intense and authentic immersive battle experience.

Free for children under 6 (not valid in groups).
More info at www.inflandersfields.be
Please note: ticket printing is mandatory for this B-Excursion. Present it on an A4 sheet at the entrance.

Price per person (€)

(varies depending on the distance travelled)

   from  to
 Child (from 6 to under 12 years old)  3.50*  
 Young person (from 12 to under 26 years old)  9.90  18.40
 Adult (from 26 to under 60 years old)  13.90  22.40
 Senior (60 years old and over)  11.90  20.90

Free for children under 6 years old

*a fixed price

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The price varies according to the distance traveled and the age of the traveler.

Travelling by train? The smart choice!

  • an attractive price: admission + 2nd-class, return train
  • an historic museum close to Ypres station
  • an educational day out for young and old alike
  • Ypres station is 900 m away. The train is the ideal solution for travelling to In Flanders Fields Museum