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Who are the bears? When did they appear? Do they only eat honey? Are they very clumsy? Where and how do they live? Are they endangered? Is the Yeti a bear? Get to know all these things in Teddy & Bear!

This temporary exhibition will explain their evolution and relationship with prehistoric humans. We’ll answer questions such as when and where did bears first emerge? How long have bears and humans coexisted in Europe? Were there cave bears in Belgium? Did prehistoric humans hunt them?

Teddy & Bear showcases taxidermy specimens, fossils, multimedia displays, videos, interactive installations, 3D reconstructions, as well as teddies. Children aged 4 to 104 will love getting to know these fascinating wild animals.

Six species are endangered; will our teddies be the only bears left in the future? As a partner in the Teddy & Bear exhibition, the WWF presents one of its bear protection projects to which you can contribute.

CHILDREN'S TRAIL: Bring Your Teddy Along!
Armed with their bear and a special badge, younger children (4+) can follow a specially made interactive trail through the exhibition. They’ll observe, imitate, compare and match to discover bears while having fun!
Free for children under 4 years old.
More info:

Open from October 18th 2018 till September 1st 2019 between 9.30 am and 5 pm. 
  • during weekend and school holidays : from 10 am to 6 pm
  • closed on Mondays
  • closed on December 2nd and January 1st
  • Price per person (€)

    (variable depending on the travel distance)

       van  tot
     Children (4 to 11y)  6,50*  
     Youth (12 to 17y)  11,90  17,90
     Youth (18 to. 25y)  14,40  19,90
     Adult (26 to 59y)  14,40  23,90
     Senior (from 60y)  13,40  19,90
    (min. 15 payees/ 1 free per 15 paying people)


    Free for children under 4 years old (not valid for groups)

    *A fixed price