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Your B-Excursion “European Motor Show 2019” is also valid for the outward and homeward lap by metro (underground) between Bruxelles-Midi station and “Heysel” stop.

Please note that you need an Event Pass.

  • Outward: from Bruxelles-Midi station: metro 6 direction Roi Baudouin until stop Heysel.
  • Homeward: from the metro station Heysel : metro 6 direction Elisabeth until stop Gare du Midi.
  • The ride takes approximately 20 minutes.

    How to get your STIB Event Pass?

    1. Register at an automatic GO-vending machine of STIB*.
    2. Select EVENT PASS on the screen.
    3. Enter your 9 digit code mentioned on your e-ticket B-Excursion “European Motor Show 2019”**.
    4. You'll receive your Event Pass.
    5. Use this pass to open the gates of the underground station.
    *These machines are located in every underground station and at the most important surface tramway or bus stops. An Event Pass can be obtained 3 days before the B-Excursion journey.
    **Each code gives the right to 1 Event Pass. The code can only be used once and only the day chosen for the B-Excursion.

    More info : www.stib-mivb.be