Science museum

An unmissable day out for those interested in Science

Travel back millions of years in time and discover the behemoths (dinosaurs and mosasaurs) from another age. Find out about the evolution of man and his body. Escape to "BiodiverCity": manage and protect it.

Arkhane, a new species of dinosaur

In world premiere: 'Arkhane', the new Jurassic predatory dinosaur, is on display in the Gallery of Evolution from May 7, 2019 to March 31, 2020! This authentic, 8.7 metre long and 70% complete skeleton from Wyoming (US) belongs to a new Allosaurus species, according to our palaeontologists who studied the specimen.

There's an entire schedule for learning about the treasure of nature!

Travelling by train? The smart choice!

  • an attractive price: admission + 2nd-class, return train
  • a museum close to Bruxelles-Luxembourg station
  • admission to the permanent exhibitions
  • an educational and fun day out for young and old alike
  • Bruxelles-Luxembourg station is 500 m away