Bike on the train

Are you taking your bike with you on the train? Opt for the Bike Supplement!

  • (electric) bikes or bikes with a trailer (trailer must be detached)
  • to be placed only at the designated spaces on the train
  • to any destination in Belgium
  • € 4 per single trip
  • free for folding bikes (to be folded before boarding and placed under your seat)
  • before boarding, consult the train manager to see if there are bike spaces available and where you can place your bike. 

BikeOnTrain Travel Planner

Discover the travel planner dedicated to bikes.
BikeOnTrain helps you choose the best route to travel on trains with your bike. Check in a few clicks:
  • the accessibility to the platform (escalator, elevator, stairs with a bike ramp)
  • the accessibility of the train, and whether boarding requires the intervention of the train manager
  • the number of bicycle spaces on board the train(s)

Please notice: the Bike Supplement cannot be purchased in BikeOnTrain.

Good to know

  • There are only a limited number of bicycle spaces on the train. If the places provided for bicycles are already occupied, you are required to take the next train.
  • Need a bicycle parking place? Find more information about free or paying bike parking.
  • Prefer to rent a bike? View bicycle rental offers at the station.
  • It is not permitted to get your bike on or off the train in the following train stations: Brussels-Central, Brussels-Congres and Brussels-Chapelle.
  • For logistical reasons, groups are not allowed to bring bicycles.
  • In case of (planned) works, only folding bicycles are allowed in the replacement busses.
The bicycle (including electric bicycles) must be loaded and unloaded by the traveller.
International bike ticket
For your non-folding bike
To the cycle paths of the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Northern France (Lille / Maubeuge) and Aachen.

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