The Student Multi Aachen, the best option for students living in student accommodation!

  • a non-transferable railcard for a single fixed fee
  • 10 journeys during the course of the valid term of the railcard (5x return trips)
  • 1st or 2nd class
  • between any station in Belgium and Aachen via Aachen Süd-Gr. (and vice versa)
  • for students under 26 travelling to their place of study or their work placement location
To take advantage of a Student Multi, you may not be in receipt of a professional or replacement income, nor of a FOREM, ACTIRIS or VDAB benefit. Young people undertaking teacher training for adults or FOREM, ACTIRIS or VDAB training, whether or not it is mandatory, do not qualify either.
Provided you are over 12 and under 26, you may accompany up to 4 children under the age of 12, who travel free of charge.
Using your Student Multi, you can take advantage of attractive discounts for your parking place at B-Parking. Make the most of it!
If your Student Multi is paid for (in part) by a third party, hand in a paying third-party certificate at a ticket office, filled in and signed by the third party.
Don't yet have a Student Multi Aachen? Visit an SNCB ticket office!