Do you have a part-time job and travel by train to Aachen occasionally? Opt for the Aachen Half-Time Season Ticket!

  • non-transferable card valid for 5 years
  • 5 journeys outbound and 5 journeys return over one 15-day period
  • 2nd or 1st class
  • between any station in Belgium and Aachen via the border-crossing point Aachen Süd-Gr. (and vice versa)
  • pay less when you park at our B-Parkings
Don't yet have an Aachen Half-Time Season Ticket? Visit an SNCB ticket office!

Practical info

Go to a ticket office with:

  • your electronic ID card
  • € 5 for the station's processing fee


  • log into your My SNCB/NMBS account (or create an account)
  • choose the season ticket option, which you would like to renew and renew it!
  • you will receive the validation ticket by post within 10 days

In station:

  • at the ticket office
  • at the ticket machines
  • The majority of your train pass (an average of 67% for a 2nd class pass) and of your supplement (an average of 71.8%) is legally required to be reimbursed by the employer. So you can take unlimited trains between home and office for an average of 33% of the cost of a 2nd class pass. If your employer enters into a third party payer agreement for commuting with SNCB, you only have to pay your own part at the time of purchase and no longer have to advance the full amount.
  • Free travel to work? For employees from the private sector, there is the possibility of a free train pass, possibly supplemented with a free STIB/MIVB supplement. This depends on what your employer offers. To travel to work free of charge, your employer needs to conclude a third-party payer agreement for commuting with SNCB. Employees of the Federal Government can also apply for a free train pass, possibly supplemented with a free STIB/MIVB supplement.
  • If your employer has concluded a third-party payer agreement for B-parking with SNCB, you can also park entirely free of charge in B-Parking pay car parks at the station (subject to availability). Parking at (smaller) stations is often free of charge.
  • Contact your HR or mobility manager for the possibilities.
Take a look at the overview of our season tickets or calculate the price according to your itinerary, your age and the frequency of your train journeys.
Make sure you stick to the route marked on your season ticket via the recommended border-crossing point.

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