Do you commute over the Luxembourg border and work in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg? Are you entitled to an m-Pass for public transport in Luxembourg from your employer? You are advised to opt for the Luxembourg Route Season Ticket with Flex Pass!

  • term of the season ticket: 3 months
  • 1st or 2nd class
  • non-transferable season ticket on MOBIB card
  • valid for cross-border travel from a Belgian cross-border station and bound for the first station in Luxembourg on the route (from where the m-Pass can be used to extend your journey)
  • you will be given a paper pass to validate your season ticket in the foreign transport network
Don't yet have a Section Season Ticket with Flex Pass? Visit an SNCB ticket office!
Make sure you stick to the route marked on your season ticket via the recommended border-crossing point.
Your Luxembourg Section Season Ticket with Flex Pass allows you to take advantage of free parking at Arlon (managed by B-Parking). Your parking season ticket is valid for 1 or 3 months.
If you employer has signed a Paying Third-Party Agreement with SNCB, you no longer have to pay the full price of your season ticket. Your employer will be sent an invoice in due course for the element paid for by the company. Don't forget the certificate from your employer!

Departing from the following Belgian stations or stopping points:
  • Gouvy, Vielsalm or Trois-Ponts via Gouvy-frontière destined for Troisvierges and vice versa
  • Viville, Stockem, Habay, Marbehan, Neufchâteau, Libramont, Poix-St-Hubert, Grupont, Forrière, Bastogne, Jemelle, Zone Marche, Arlon, Messancy or Bertrix via Sterpenich-frontière destined for Kleinbettingen and vice versa
  • Aubange, Halanzy, Virton, Florenville, Messancy, Arlon or Bertrix via Athus-frontière destined for Athus and vice-versa