Do you travel frequently by train to Luxembourg from a cross-border station? Opt for the Standard Season Ticket Luxembourg!

  • in 1st or 2nd class
  • from 1 March 2020, you travel for free in 2nd class on the Luxembourg network
  • 1 month/3 month/12 month validation
  • unlimited travel on a fixed route between a Belgian station and any Luxembourg station
  • unlimited travel in Luxembourg (train+bus)
  • can be combined with another network (STIB, De Lijn or TEC)
  • for sale in any Belgian station
Don't yet have a Standard Season Ticket Luxembourg? Visit an SNCB ticket office!
Make sure you stick to the route marked on your season ticket via the recommended border-crossing point.

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Don't yet have a MoBIB card?

You can order it online together with your first season ticket by logging in to your My SNCB account (please allow for a delivery time of 5 days),

or visit the ticket desks of your nearest station with:

  • your electronic ID card
  • € 5 processing fee


  • Log into your My SNCB account (or create an account)
  • Select the season ticket, which you would like to renew and renew it!

In station :

  • At the ticket office
  • At the ticket machines

Are you aged between 18 and 24 and want to renew your SNCB + TEC Next or Horizon 18-24 season ticket? Go to the ticket office to create a new SNCB + TEC EXPRESS season ticket. With the new TEC 18-24, you enjoy an advantageous rate.

  • If you are a cross-border employee with a Belgian employer in the private sector (subject to Belgian labour law), then your employer is required to cover the cost of your season ticket for commuting. However, there is no third-party payer option for cross-border season tickets.
  • Contact your HR or mobility manager to find out what is possible.
  • Are you an employer? Here you will find all the information about our mobility solutions.
Take a look at the overview of our season tickets or calculate the price according to your itinerary, your age and the frequency of your train journeys.

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