Do you occasionally take the train to/from Lille Flandres? Choose the most flexible option: the Crossborder (Lille)!

  • single ticket
  • only available in 2nd class
  • from Tournai, Froyennes, Kortrijk and Mouscron Area for a journey to Lille Flandres via 'Blandain-frontière' or 'Tourcoing-frontière'
You can travel via one of the border-crossing points of your choice: Blandain-frontière or Tourcoing-frontière.


Your Crossborder (Lille) is valid for a journey departing from Tournai, Froyennes, Kortrijk or one of the stations in the Mouscron area, to Lille Flandres (as well as the French railway stations: Baisieux, Ascq, Annapes, Pont de Bois, Hellemmes, Lezennes, Croix Wasquehal, Croix L'Allumette, Roubaix, Tourcoing) via 'Blandain-frontière' or 'Tourcoing-frontière' and vice-versa.

  • At ticket vending machines and at ticket offices in Tournai, Froyennes, Kortrijk or Mouscron Area

Price for a one-way ticket in 2nd class (€):

   Adult  Child (-12 years old)
 Zone Mouscron - Lille Flandres (via Tourcoing-fr.)  4,30  4,30
 Courtrai - Lille Flandres (via Tourcoing-fr.)  5,20  4,30
 Froyennes - Lille Flandres (via Blandain-fr.)  4,30  4,30
 Tournai - Lille Fandres (via Blandain-fr.)  4,50  4,30