Do you travel alone or in group (with friends, youth movement,...)? In your free time or to go to school? Discover the best formula for your needs!

1. Solo travel

Abo Mi-Temps

Youth Ticket

YOUTH age 12-25

Ideal for young people who occasionally travel by train in Belgium.

Abo Scolaire

Youth Multi

YOUTH age 12-25

10 journeys for € 55 (or € 53 in our app) to travel anywhere you want in Belgium.

Carte Campus

Youth Holidays


School vacations? Travel through Belgium as much as you like. Dirt cheap!

Abo Trajet

Kids (under 12)

CHILD age 6-11 accompanied FREE

CHILD age 6-11 unaccompanied KIDS TICKET

On certain journeys a Standard Ticket or a Weekend Ticket might be cheaper for you. How to find out? During the purchase process we clearly show you the cheapest formula for your trip.

Student Season Ticket

STUDENT age 12-25

A school season ticket to travel cheaply: all journeys to school/uni included!

Student Multi

STUDENT age 12-25

The perfect solution for dorm room students!

Graduated and under 26?? Discover our other season tickets to travel by train at a reduced rate.

2. Group travel

Abo Scolaire

Youth Multi

YOUTH age 12-25 2-14 PERSONS

10 journeys to use solo or to share with friends!

Group Ticket


Reserved seats at € 1/journey for children (under 12) and 60% reduction for all other travellers. 

Other formulas

Large families


Free for kids under 12 and 50%* reduction for age 12 and over.

Discovery Ticket


Ready for a trip full of adrenaline? Get your round trip ticket to the most awesome amusement parks at -50%.

*Discount only applied to the non-fixed part of the Standard fare. In 2nd class, the fixed amount is € 1.1649 per single journey. In 1st class, it is € 1.5144 (less than 37km) or € 1.6309 (37km - 51km) or € 1.7939 (52km and more) per single journey. The minimum price per single journey is € 2.50 in 2nd and € 3.20 in 1st class.