Are you travelling into and around the Brussels Capital zone? With the Brupass XL, you can enjoy the full range of regional travel options all on a single ticket! You can load your Brupass XL onto your MoBIB card and board trains, trams, buses and the underground.

Find out about the Brupass XL

  • available as 2nd class
  • a ticket registered to an individual and loaded onto your MoBIB card
  • valid on STIB, TEC, De Lijn and SNCB trains, buses, trams and underground trains in the Brupass XL zone
  • also valid to and from Beersel, Buda, De Hoek, Diegem, Dilbeek, Groenendael, Grand-Bigard, Hoeilaart, Holleken, Linkebeek, Lot, Nossegem, Ruisbroek, Rhode-Saint-Genèse, Sint-Martens-Bodegem, Vilvorde, Zaventem and Zellik

Find out about the Brupass XL network card


Thanks to this App, save time and ...

  • Validate your Brupass (XL) ticket from your smartphone
  • Check the validity period and the number of remaining journeys
  • Program alarms when the end of validity date is approaching

More questions? Consult our FAQs

Validate your Brupass XL ticket before boarding each train, bus, tram or underground train for your journey at our ticket vending machines in the Brupass (XL) zone.


For occasional journeys

For a single journey: 1 journey Brupass XL, € 3,20
For 10 journeys: 10 journey Brupass XL, € 22,40
Brupass XL tickets must be validated at a ticket vending machine before departing.

For frequent journeys

1 month Brupass XL season ticket: € 84
12 month Brupass XL season ticket: € 840


With the Brupass XL, you can travel on trains, trams, buses and underground trains in the Brussels Zone and in the new zone extended by 11.5 km around Brussels. For train journeys, this zone covers the 35 stations in the Brussels Capital region (Brupass zone) as well as 18 stations around the Brussels Capital.

Stations in the Brupass XL Zone: Anderlecht, Arcades, Beersel, Berchem-Ste-Agathe, Bockstael, Boitsfort, Boondael, Bordet, Bruxelles-Central, Bruxelles-Chapelle, Bruxelles-Congrès, Bruxelles-Luxembourg, Bruxelles-Midi, Bruxelles-Nord, Bruxelles-Ouest, Bruxelles-Schuman, Buda, De Hoek, Delta, Diegem, Dilbeek, Etterbeek, Evere, Forest-Est, Forest-Midi, Germoir, Groenendael, Grand-Bigard, Haren, Haren-Sud,Hoeilaart, Holleken, Linkebeek, Lot, Jette, Meiser, Mérode, Moensberg, Nossegem, Ruisbroek, Schaerbeek, Simonis, Rhode-Saint-Genèse, Sint-Martens-Bodegem, St-Job, Tour et Taxis, Uccle-Calevoet, Uccle-Stalle, Vilvorde, Vivier d’Oie, Watermael, Zaventem, Zellik.

To buy your first Brupass (XL) Season Ticket, you've got two options :

  • Online via My SNCB. Click 'Buy new subscription' and follow the steps up to the payment screen.

  • At the ticket counter at a station of choice with:
    • your electronic ID card
    • your MoBIB card (if you already have one)

Don't have a MoBIB card yet? No problem! You'll get one online or at the counter for a processing fee of € 6 when buying your first season ticket.

To travel with a Brupass or Brupass XL, buy your ticket and load it onto your MoBIB card.
Before boarding the train, tram, bus or underground train of your choice, you need to validate your ticket at a ticket vending machine at one of the stations in the Brupass zone (XL).
You don’t need to validate your Brupass or Brupass XL season ticket before boarding the train.

You must validate your Brupass or Brupass XL ticket before boarding any train, tram, bus or metro.

Validate your MoBIB card before getting on an SNCB train

  • at a ticket machine in the station and select "Validate Brupass".
  • via the MoBIB app from SNCB. Place your Mobib card on the back of your phone, the app will first read the tickets on your card. Then you choose the Brupass (XL) ticket you want to use and the number of journeys to be validated. An icon will show you the progress and indicate 100% once the validation is complete. Make sure you hold the card up to your phone the whole time!

Do you have a Brupass (XL) season ticket? You don't need to validate your journey before boarding the train. Just show your MoBIB card to the train conductor.

You can load one Brupass XL journey onto a personalised MoBIB card which already has a valid STIB season ticket on it. To travel with a third party, all you have to do is present the MoBIB card to the validating machine a second time to validate a Brupass XL journey.
If you want to transfer a Brupass XL from one personalised MoBIB card to another personalised MoBIB card, it is possible do so at SNCB ticket offices provided that the destination card has previously been registered at one of our ticket offices and it was SNCB that sold the Brupass XL.

It is not possible to transfer a Brupass from or to a Basic MoBIB card.
If you have a Brupass season ticket and a Brupass XL ticket (a 1 or 10 journey ticket) and you want to travel within the new, extended Brupass XL zone, validate your Brupass XL ticket at a ticket vending machine inn the Brupass XL zone before boarding the train, bus, tram or underground train of your choice. Your Brupass season ticket does not cover the Brupass XL zone.
Yes, however we recommend that you use a second MoBIB card to distinguish between the two Brupass products. Using a second MoBIB card will ensure that you validate the correct ticket, according to your travel preferences (as it’s not always possible to specify where you want to travel to, depending on the transport network).
  • At the ticket office
  • At the ticket machines
  • Online
Do you only wish to travel in the Brussels Capital zone? Go for the Brupass!