Hello, I am SNCB's virtual assistant. I am happy to help you with your questions about your train journey in Belgium. I'm available 24 hours a day on Messenger and WhatsApp. I am perfectly trilingual: French, Dutch, English 😊

Every day, I handle hundreds of questions to help my human colleagues. The list of topics you can ask me about keeps growing thanks to my creators who teach me a little more knowledge every day.

Some common questions I can answer:

  • "Do children have to pay?"
  • "Can I take my bike on the train?"
  • "How much does a Youth Ticket cost?"
  • "What are the current promotions?"

What can the virtual assistant do?

A question about train schedules between two stations?

No problem. I can easily find the best route and give you the details.

Want to know where your train is?

Just type "Where is my train?"

Do you need a delay certificate?

Ask me "I need a delay certificate".

Want to know if there are disruptions on your line?

The virtual assistant can also look that up for you.

All about the virtual assistant

The virtual assistant can help you answer simple questions about our products and services, as well as plan your journey and check the status of your train.
You will find the virtual assistant on our NMBS and SNCB Facebook Messenger pages, and on WhatsApp. The virtual assistant will automatically adopt your Facebook language but you can change the language during the conversation if you wish.

There could be several reasons for this. We will give you some tips in advance so that the virtual assistant understands you optimally:

  • Type your question in one message.
  • Keep your message as short as possible.
  • Keep your message to the point and avoid unnecessary extra information that may confuse the virtual assistant.

In addition, the virtual assistant may not yet be able to answer your question. The virtual assistant learns about SNCB on a daily basis and therefore gets smarter and smarter over time.

The virtual assistant is a first-line assistant who can help our customers with their frequently asked questions 24/7 and thus without time constraints. This way, our Community Managers remain available for more complex cases or issues for which the virtual assistant cannot help yet. 
For now, the virtual assistant is only available on Facebook Messenger and on WhatsApp. In time, we will definitely look at introducing the virtual assistant on other channels as well.
Sure! When the virtual assistant cannot help you, you will be asked if you want to chat with a human colleague. Or you can let the virtual assistant itself know that you would prefer to talk to a human. Our community Managers are online during the week from 6 am to 9.30 pm and on weekends from 7 am to 9.30 pm.