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SNCB manages more than 550 stations across the entire Belgian rail network. Railway undertakings can request access to stations and benefit from a number of optional services, for example, providing information to the railway undertaking’s passengers, security in stations,...

The access conditions are described in the following reference documents:

  • Reference document for access to passenger stations (Statement for Passenger Stations Access)
  • Reference document for access to ticketing services and locations (Statement for Ticketing Services and Locations)
  • The Specific Conditions of access to the Channel Terminal and Intra-Schengen Terminal of Brussels Midi station and to the services provided there

SNCB, as owner and manager of numerous maintenance and cleaning facilities, has a recognized expertise in the field of rolling stock maintenance. The reference document « Access to maintenance facilities – Statement for Maintenance Service Facilities » defines the principles that apply between SNCB as manager of maintenance facilities and railway undertakings wishing to use the Regulated Services offered in these facilities.

Here are some examples of available services:

  • Interior cleaning operations
  • Exterior cleaning operations (TrainWash)
  • Windshields cleaning
  • Toilet emptying
  • Technical visits
  • Brake tests
  • Pit visits
  • Lifting of railway vehicles
  • Re-profiling of wheel sets on a sub-floor lathe

As the Forest TGV Workshop is specialized in the maintenance of high-speed trains, it is exclusively reserved for this type of rolling stock. Based on their 2015-2025 management contract, SNCB and THI Factory are co-operators of the Forest TGV Workshop. As such, it is subject to a specific reference document « Access to the Forest TGV Maintenance Service Facility - Statement for Maintenance Depot Forest » jointly established by the operators and also available on the THI Factory website.

SNCB operates 6 diesel storage tanks to supply traction fuel to locomotives and diesel railcars. These facilities are located in Antwerp, Châtelet, Mol, Kinkempois, Melle and Schaerbeek. They are accessible to other railway undertakings subject to a number of conditions and procedures.

These are included in the reference document « Access to traction diesel supply facilities - Statement for Fuelling Facilities ».

The documents are only available in French or in Dutch

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