Digitalization of procurement processes

SNCB has implemented SAP Ariba in 2022-2023 to conduct its Procure-To-Pay (P2P), Sourcing, Contract and Supplier Management processes in a digital way over the SAP Ariba Network.  

Through the SAP Ariba Network, suppliers and buyers are able to connect with each other on an online platform to do business and submit contracts, PO’s, … in an efficient and digital way.  

We are gradually moving to SAP Ariba with our suppliers:  

  • End of 2022: We started with a new tool 'SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration'. Selected suppliers have been invited to migrate and are using it actively. 
  • 2023: Suppliers collaborating with Marketing/Sales & ICT have been invited to connect with SNCB via the SAP Ariba Network and will start using it around October 2023. 
  • 2024: Roll-out to suppliers collaborating with other directions. The modules supporting the P2P & the sourcing process will be enabled in 2024.  

For existing suppliers the request to connect will be done via an invitation e-mail.

Below you can find an overview of the different modules being implemented at SNCB

Participate on the SAP Ariba platform – Registration

In order to collaborate or participate in tenders with SNCB, suppliers need to have a SAP Ariba Network account and register with SNCB.  

After receiving an invitation e-mail from SNCB, suppliers can decide to either create a new account or log-in with their existing account.  

Supplier Account Creation & registration:

Supplier Lifecycle & Performance (SLP)

This process consists of different phases:

  • Qualification: depending on which goods and services you can offer, you fill in 1 or more questionnaires and upload the requested certificates. You will receive an e-mail to start your qualification. Read the training material here.
  • Registration: you fill in your company details. Also for registration you will receive an e-mail. Read the training material here.

Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC)

We started with a new tool 'SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration'. Selected suppliers have been invited to migrate and are using it actively. 

If you are asked by SNCB to use this module, we will guide you through the whole onboarding process and we will provide you with a training. 

SAP Ariba Sourcing

To do business with SNCB in the future, suppliers will need to log in through SAP Ariba to participate in tenders.  

Since 2023, several tenders of SNCB have been conducted on the platform SAP Ariba Sourcing. More information will be shared with affected suppliers when they are invited to a sourcing event.

Guided Buying (GB)

From the end of 2023, SNCB employees will have access to a portal called Guided Buying. The vast majority of the company's future purchases will be made via this portal. It gives our employees easy access to all available contracts, including photos, names, specifications and prices of all items. As this portal will be the preferred purchasing channel for our employees, it is important that you, as a supplier, register on our portal.

As an existing supplier or following the award of a tender, you will be invited to register via our SLP platform.

Once registered, we can work together to enable you to:

  • Receive orders through the SAP Ariba Network and, if required, via an EDI connection
  • Set up your SAP Ariba account and notifications
  • Set up an external catalogue in SAP Ariba so that you can manage what our users see in Guided Buying.

Need help? Click here or take a look at the FAQ.