You must register to continue doing business with SNCB in the future. We implement new standards and processes to improve our collaboration and transactions with our suppliers. It eliminates manual errors and increases transparency for you as our supplier and for us.

Via the platform, you can respond to tenders, monitor contracts, receive orders, approve orders, send order confirmations, send invoices and monitor the status of documents. This will be rolled out by SNCB in 2023.

Registration is an obligation. You can not continue to do business or participate in tenders with SNCB if you do not register (which is free of charge).

SNCB will send existing suppliers an invitation to register (via e-mail) in the course of 2022 and 2023. When you are invited to join the SAP Business Network, you can choose to register with a new login & password or with existing credentials. Clicking on the SNCB invitation and registering with existing credentials will make the connection between your existing account and SNCB.

Youtube detailed explanation video : click here

Read also this training material

Your current SAP data from NMBS is uploaded or migrated towards Ariba. It is possible this data is outdated or partly missing. Please correct the data and fill the required empty fields. It is possible that you need to insert additional data. This data update makes sure that SNCB has the latest actual data on your company.

Subsidiaries usually join the network on the main SAP Business Network ID of the company. If your subsidiaries are organized independently, you may request the SAP Business Network to create different ANIDs. You also need to inform SNCB that you will be transacting through multiple IDs by mail to . For more details and guidance on how to make this request, please contact:

The standard account is free of charge. There are no initial costs when enrolling to the SAP Ariba Network. When creating a new SAP Ariba account, you will automatically create a free Standard account. However, you do have the possibility to upgrade your account to an Enterprise account if preferred. Details are found here.

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