In 2nd class, you can travel alone or in a group in a pleasant atmosphere. Would you like to work in peace and quiet or would you prefer a little bit more comfort? Opt for a quieter setting in 1st class.

  • 1st-class carriages are distinguished by a wide yellow band on the outside of the carriage and a clearly marked figure 1
  • inside the train, the class of the carriage is marked above the door
  • you can easily upgrade from 2nd to 1st class thanks to the Class Upgrade
  • if you would like to buy this on board the train, you will be charged the On-board Fare (class upgrade ticket + €9 supplement)

  • This is only possible if the train conductor decides on a declassification. This happens, for example, if all seats and standing places in 2nd class are occupied. The train conductor calls for a declassification on the train. So you can't just sit in 1st class in case of overcrowding, you have to wait for the decision of the train conductor. Passengers boarding with a 1st class ticket have priority over seats in 1st class. Sometimes there is a declassification sticker on the door of 1st class. In that case you are allowed to sit there immediately with a 2nd class ticket.
  • Women who are pregnant may travel under certain conditions in 1st class with a 2nd class ticket.
  • In addition, you buy a supplement class upgrade for a one-way journey or a return journey (at a ticket machine, at the ticket office, online or in the train at on board fare). The price is calculated based on the price difference:
    • during the week: between the prices of the 2 classes of a Standard Ticket for the route you actually travel in 1st class
    • during weekends and on public holidays: between the prices of the 2 classes of a Weekend Ticket for the route you actually take in 1st class
  • At the ticket office or the vending machine you can also buy a card of 10 class upgrades at Standard fare for a specific route.