Who or what is Procurement?

Procurement is the purchasing department of SNCB and consists of several teams:

  • Direct Procurement: all train-related purchases: from a complete new train to the smallest screw for the maintenance of a train
  • Indirect Procurement: all other purchases for SNCB (with the exception of works purchased by our colleagues at Stations)
  • Supplier Quality Assurance: supplier management in the broad sense: creation, risk management, performance evaluation, quality process monitoring and phasing out.

In addition, we have 2 more teams that focus more on the internal functioning of Procurement: Procurement on the Move for improvement projects and Procurement Excellence with focus on people, process, tools & systems

Procurement's customers are the other SNCB directions and corporate services:

  • they call on the contracts concluded by Procurement
  • they receive spare parts on delivery plan
  • they place themselves smaller purchase orders under the supervision of Procurement
  • they follow up and execute contracts and purchase orders

Procurement roadmap


Procurement connects customer needs with supplier solutions.


Procurement shares the values that form the DNA of all SNCB employees, combining expertise, modernization and change. As PROS, we tackle the future together.


  • Business alignment : We actively contribute to achieving the strategies and goals of the business. Collaborating with the internal customer and understanding their current and future needs are primordial.
  • Customer service excellence:: We aim to provide our internal clients with the best possible service thanks to a transparent process and optimal results. All our services are aimed at exceeding customer expectations.
  • In-depth knowledge of supplier markets : We offer the best possible solutions to our internal customers and facilitate innovative improvements through our extensive market knowledge.
  • Total cost optimization: We ensure the best value by optimizing the direct and indirect costs resulting from the purchase (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • Risk & compliance management: We emphasize limiting and reducing legal, financial and operational risks throughout the acquisition process.

What do we buy?

The purchases of the SNCB are structured in a product hierarchy:

  • Rolling Stock (RST)
  • Spare Parts Rolling Stock (SPR)
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Technical Goods & Services (TGS)
  • Corporate Goods & Services (CGS)
  • Construction Works (CWO)