The qualification system is used when purchasing strategic items with a high turnover, but also items with a limited turnover that have to meet technical requirements whose conformity can only be determined after extensive testing.

The qualification system is applied for the following products and services (documents only available in french) :

Qualification System Description STB.
3.1 Grey cast iron brake blocks P10 B-03
4 Cemented gears and sprockets O-11
10 One-piece wheels for rolling stock A-12
12 Axles A-14
16 Bearings for transmission, axleboxes and traction motors A-15
22.1 Train Paint System: Direct Gloss Polyurethane Epoxy - Solvent Based L-19 L-89
22.2 Paint system for trains: solvent based epoxy polyurethane (direct gloss) L-19 L-89
22.3 Train Paint System: Direct Gloss Polyurethane Epoxy - Waterbased L-19 L-89
22.4 Train paint system: Polyurethane epoxy base and varnish system - Waterbased L-19 L-89
22.5 Paint System for trains: Powder Coating L-7 L-89
22.6 Paint System for trains: Powder Coating Applicators L-7 L-89
22.7 Paint System for trains: Powder Coating Applicators, Epoxy paint with high film thickness L-19 L-89
22.8 Paint System for trains, Liquid Paint Applicators L-19 L-89
23 Paint system for trail carriage s: Quick-drying alkyd paints L-20 L-89
24.1 Cleaning agents L-68 L-89
24.1 CW Car Wash cleaning products L-68 L-89
25 Parts made of polyester resin reinforced with glass fibers L-37
31 Hydraulic shock absorbers O-15
32 Complete bay chassis for rolling stock 7-72101018 +L-48+L-7+D-27
33 Rubber membranes for pneumatic suspension springs for railway rolling stock 7-71710501
34.1 Mirrors L-48
34.2 Glazing for rolling stock - Laminated glazing for side windows L-48
34.3 Glazing for Rolling Stock - Insulating Glazing (Flat) L-48
34.4 Glazing for rolling stock - Insulating glass (curved L-48
34.5 Glazing for rolling stock - Single tempered glazing L-48
34.6 Glazing for rolling stock - Translucent glazing (opaque) L-48
37 Scrubbers for pantographs 7-74710999, P81
40 Blue product for WC L-88 L-89
42 Ni-Cd batteries for railway cars S-55 / S-56
46 Brake discs on wheels and Axles B-11
48 Electrographitic Brushes P-01
50 Rubber elements of intercircular roads between caarriages 6339 / M-20.41
53 Frontal windshields L-47
55 Brake pads for disc brakes on conventional rolling stock B-12
58 Oils for diesel engins L-44
B-04 Cleaning agent for the removal of graffiti from rolling stock L-91
B-07 Brake pads for disc brake of high-speed rolling stock V-01
B-09 Product to add to diesel engine cooling water L-89 L-46
B-10 Rubber hoses of grades 3TB NG and 3TB EPDM L-12 part B
B-11 Alkyd resin-based lacquers L-09
B-13.1 Fabrics for seat covers according to ST I-16: traditional fabrics I-04 & I-16
B-13.2 Fabrics for seat covers according to ST I-16: recovered leather I-04 & I-16
B-13.3 Fabrics for seat covers according to ST I-16: real leather I-04 & I-16
B-13.4 Fabrics for seat covers according to ST I-4 I-04 & I-16
B-14 Maintenance and chemical cleaning of seat covers and curtains L-93
B-16 Deliveries of service cars to SNCB W-01
B-18 Unplanned taxi rides to transport SNCB personnel and passengers in case of urgency V-02, Q-5
B-19 Half couplings B-13
B-20 Development of photovoltaic panel parks P-80
B-21 Lead-acid batteries for rolling stock S-95, S-95HLE
B-22 Welded components for rolling stock according to EN15085 D27
B-24.1 External Technicians Flanders P-83
B-24.2 External Technicians Wallonia P-83
B-24.3 External Technicians Brussels P-83
B-25 Strategic Consultancy Punctuality P-84
B-26 Unplanned taxis W-02
B-27 Procurement professionals P-85
B-28 Printed circuits manifacturing P-86
B-29.1 Supply of floor covering for passenger equipment: carpets I-14
B-29.2 Supply of flooring for passenger equipment: syntéthique I-17
B-30 Electric heating equipment for rolling stock P-3
B-31 Rubber-based hoses for compressed air applications L-95
B-32 Malleable cast iron and spheroidal graphite cast iron parts B-04
B-33 Outside signalisation R-28
B-35 Steel tanks D-26
B-36 Stainless steel tanks D-4