Travelling by train is easy, particularly if you can take your luggage and favourite four-legged friend with you. Dogs, a rucksack, folding bike, your cat... All are welcome on the train!

Travelling with your pet

You pet is welcome on board the train provided it is kept safely and is well-behaved in respect of other passengers.

  • Free for a small pet in a basket, cage or box, which is no larger than the dimensions on the picture (30x55x30cm)
  • Free for a dog for the blind or an assistance dog
  • € 3 for an animal on a lead with a Pet Supplement
  • A muzzle is not mandatory but is recommended for dogs, the conductor may insist that you put a muzzle on your dog.
  • your pet may not sit on the seats or tables 

Do you regularly travel with your pet on a lead?

  • If it is always the same journey, then you can buy a 10-journey card for your pet
  • If you travel using a Key Card, then you can fill in an additional line for your pet

Travelling with luggage

Free for:

  • briefcases, rucksacks, suitcases...
  • wheelchairs (manual or automatic)
  • pushchairs and prams
  • folding bikes, unicycles, scooters
  • sports equipment (e.g. skis)

Please note: 

  • maximum 3 items per passenger (total max. weight 30 kg)
  • stow your luggage in the space provided above and below your seat

Need a luggage locker? In some stations you can store your luggage in automatic luggage lockers. You can also deposit items of luggage in left luggagein certain stations

Prices for luggage services in €

Left luggage    
per item calendar day  8.00 
Luggage lockers    
small 24 hours  4.50
average 24 hours  5.00
large 24 hours  5.50
Lost luggage    
Returned to its rightful owner  ---  5.00