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Are you looking for SNCB train timetables? Here you will find all of the tools for quickly planning your journey and finding your train in real time. Discover our journey planning tools to ensure you remain informed wherever and whenever so that you can reach your destination without worry.

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The most popular train journeys in Belgium

Find out the 10 most popular journeys, their minimum journey times and the number of train departures during peak hours and the rest of the day. Find out, at a glance, the price of a single Standard Ticket and if there are direct connections to a particular destination.

Journey Journey time Number of trains
Number of trains
(Standard Ticket)
Connecting service
Liège Brussels
55 min.
11 22 € 14.90 direct
Brussels  Bruges
1 h 01
17 43 € 14.20 direct
Namur Brussels
1 h 01
16 25 € 9,10 direct
Charleroi Brussels
56 min.
13 27 € 9.60 direct
Brussels  Antwerp
41 min.
18 55 € 7.50 direct
Mons Brussels
51 min. 15 25 € 9.60 direct
Brussels  Ostend
1 h 17
26 € 16.90
Brussels – Ghent
35 min. 25 61 € 9,10 direct
Antwerp  Brussels
39 min. 18 54 € 7.50 direct
Brussels  Knokke
1 h 34
6 12 € 16.90 direct