Have you lost something in a train or in a station?
Report it immediately using our form to maximise your chances of finding it.

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The search immediately starts as soon as you have reported losing something.

  • If the object is found
    You will be notified immediately.

    Do you retrieve your lost property from the station at which it has been found?

    You can come to retrieve your property free of charge. We will keep it for 7 days at the station at which it has been found. After these 7 days, we will send it to one of the station depots*.

    Would you like to collect it from a station of your choice? 
    Within a period of 7 days of your lost property being found, you can request to collect it from one of our station depots*. You pay a fee of 5 euros to collect it in this way. 

    We can't find an onwer
    Lost property that is not collected within a period of 50 days is given to the Belgian organisation, the “Petits Riens”.  

  • We haven't yet found your lost property
    We will keep you informed of our attempts to locate your lost property. 7 days after the submission of your report, you will receive an e-mail from us with an update on the situation.

    We will also send an e-mail after 20 days.

    If we haven't been able to locate your lost property after 50 days, we have to abandon our search for it. We will inform you of this by email.

    * Alost, Anvers-Central, Arlon, Bruges, Bruxelles-Nord, Charleroi-Sud, La Panne, Eupen, Gand-Saint- Pierre, Hasselt, Courtrai, Louvain, Libramont, Liège-Guillemins, Malines, Mons, Namur, Ostend, Ottignies, Rochefort-Jemelle, Tournai

If you find lost property, please make our staff on board or in a station aware, and we will undertake to restore it to its owner.