The type of SNCB travel ticket varies depending on where you bought the ticket and the type of product chosen.

MoBIB card

  • Your MoBIB card issued by the SNCB is a plastic card the size and shape of a bank card. It comes with an electronic chip and you can load your travel tickets or contracts with other service providers onto it.
  • Your MoBIB card or any replicates have your name on them and are for strictly personal use only.
  • The MoBIB card can contain your season tickets (except the Half-time season ticket and Campus Card).
  • You can also load up to 8 different contracts onto it. You can manage the SNCB season tickets on your MoBIB card directly through your My SNCB account
  • More info about the MoBIB card (pdf) (French version)

Types of digitally-purchased electronic ticket

  • PDF format: To be printed on A4 paper or shown to the train manager on the screen of your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.
  • e-ID electronic Identity Card: Your travel ticket is linked to your e ID via your national identity number, but it is not physically loaded on the e-ID (a card reader is therefore not required). You can link tickets for several passengers to the same e-ID.
  • Ticket purchased via the SNCB App: With each purchase, you can buy a ticket for up to 6 people, which appears in the form of a barcode to show the train conductor during the ticket inspection.
  • Go Unlimited via Facebook Messenger: You will receive a digital ticket with barcode each day for the whole validity period of your Go Unlimited.
  • Electronic chip card issued in the train: When you buy your travel ticket onboard the train, it is loaded onto a card containing an electronic chip. You can check/print the ticket loaded onto it at the ticket counters in any Belgian train station, at the ticket vending machines or online at
  • More info about electronic tickets (pdf) (French version)

Comments: For certain B-Excursions (indicated on the website), you will need to print the PDF to cut out the part to be given to the service provider by following the dotted line provided for this purpose.

At the ticket counter, depending on your ticket choice, the ticket may be:

  • a single, secure paper ticket
  • a plastic card associated with a validation ticket for a certain period in secure paper format
  • a plastic card associated with a validation ticket to be filled in by the passenger in secure paper format
  • your MoBIB card associated with a validation ticket for a certain period in secure paper format
  • More info about paper tickets (pdf) (French version)

Train tickets cannot be exchanged, but may be refunded under certain conditions.

Any completely unused tickets (as well as 10-Journey cards containing 10 single journeys or 10 upgrades) are refunded in full at the ticket counter:

  • up to the evening before the start date of the validity of the ticket if you have purchased it in advance
  • or the same day, within 30 minutes of purchase at a ticket vending machine or ticket counter

Your ticket is non-refundable:

  • if you bought it online, through the SNCB app, in exchange for a compensation voucher, exchange voucher or eco cheque (so called “green cheque”)
  • in the event of theft or loss
  • if you temporarily lost it and found it again during your journey.
  • Exchange of type, journey or class of your season ticket

Season tickets may be exchanged before the expiration date of the validation ticket and with no interruption between the validation periods.

What do you need?

  • Your current season ticket ;
  • A recent passport photo;
  • The sum of €5 for the creation of the new card.

The amount corresponding to the number of days of non-use of your previous season ticket that will be refunded to you directly. The day you hand in your validation ticket counts as a day of use.

  • Reimbursement of your season ticket
The terms and conditions of reimbursement may vary depending on the type of your season ticket. For more details, please consult the terms and conditions of use for your own season ticket (Section season ticket, Half-time season ticket, Rail network season ticket, Student season ticket, Campus Card, Combined season ticket, City Pass).

Reimbursement applied retroactively in the event of illness
A reimbursement request for a past period, even if the validity of the ticket has not completely expired, must be accompanied by supporting documents (original medical certificate) proving that the season ticket holder was prohibited from leaving the house during the period for which the reimbursement is requested.
In this case, you should contact the Customer Service.

  • Calculation of the reimbursement of train season tickets and car park season tickets

If you surrender your validation ticket during its period of validity, the months used and administration fees will be deducted from the amount you will be refunded. Each started month counts as a full month of use.

For the calculation of the final amount:

  • Season tickets with monthly validation are not taken into account for the refund.
  • Season tickets with annual validation: min. 30% season ticket fees for the 1st month of use and an additional 10% for each started month. Administration fees will be included.
  • Season tickets with quarterly validation: min. 40% season ticket fees for the 1st month of use and an additional 30% for each started month. Administration fees will be included.

Depending on the number of months used, the refund percentages depending on the validity period are:

A 1-year season ticket (€1673 for 58 km) is surrendered after 2 months and 3 weeks of use:
€ 1673 x 50% = € 836,50
Administration fees = € 10 => 836,50 - 10 = € 826,50 to be refunded

  • • Calculation of the exchange of train season tickets and car park season tickets

If you exchange your season ticket during its validity period, you will be refunded the amount after deduction of an amount calculated on a pro-rata basis of the actual number of days used and the administration fees of €10.

A 1-month season ticket (€167 for 58 km) is surrendered after 8 days of use:
167 - (167 x 8/30*) = rounded up to the nearest 10 cents => € 122,50
Administration fees = € 10 => 122,50 - 10 = € 112,50 to be reimbursed

The tickets are refunded in full, at no extra cost, if:

  • the journey and class of the travel tickets are the same as those indicated on your season ticket application
  • the travel dates fall within the validity period of your season ticket:
    • from the 5th day of the new complex season ticket subscription (inclusive of the application date)
    • from the application date for a duplicate of a complex season ticket

Where should you apply for the refund?
At the ticket counter, during the opening hours at a station of your choice.

These tickets must be presented within 14 calendar days, inclusive of the journey date (potentially from the journey date of the last ticket issued).