Whether it's to buy a ticket or renew your season ticket, the ticket vending machine is a quick and easy solution. Payment can be made by card or in cash. The ticket vending machines are available in all stations and all you have to do is follow a few steps before being able to proceed with your journey.

Nothing but benefits

  • Easy to use mainly thanks to the user-friendly sales interface
  • Preselection of favourite items, products and destinations depending on the point of sale
  • Means of payment: debit and credit cards as well as coins
  • In the case of the MoBIB Card: renewal and checking the valid term of your season tickets
  • Buy most Discovery Ticket
  • Buy and renew your B-parking season ticket

Is the ticket vending machines working?

To find out whether the ticket vending machine, which is in your station, is fully operational, look at the small LED light in the top left-hand corner of the machine. If it is green that means that the ticket vending machine is working. Otherwise, please be patient, our repair service will be working on it!

What do you do in case of...

  • Technical problems ("Ticket vending machine rebooting", black or frozen screen) 
  • Damage (vandalism, graffiti, dirt)
  • Error when completing a purchase (wrong date, price, etc.)
  • Failure to dispense ticket after making payment
Contact SNCB Customer Services via the contact form

If there is no ticket office open and no ticket vending machine is available, you will have to buy a ticket at the "On-board Fare" (price of the ticket + €9) from the conductor of your train. 

Then contact the Customer Services department to request a refund of the "On-board fare" using the contact form or by calling 02 555 25 55 (7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.).

Did you know that you can buy your ticket online from your smartphone or tablet and present it to the train conductor directly from your screen?
Download the SNCB App now (iOS / Android) or Buy your ticket online now without any supplement.

A step-by-step guide to buying your ticket (French version)