The "On-Board Fare" applies to all passengers: occasional passengers and season ticket holders.

Buy your ticket preferably before boarding the train, as your ticket will cost an extra €9 on-board (contactless electronic payment only). This is an on-board supplement, which the train conductor is not able to cancel. Avoid fines and travel with a valid ticket.

Why have an On-Board Fare? 

This surcharge is applied for security reasons and to limit fraud. In addition, with the multiplication of sales channels, it is increasingly easy to buy a ticket anywhere and anytime. It is also possible to get help from a distance to buy tickets at the automatic ticket machines in stations. Finally, as with many other forms of public transport, it is normal to buy your ticket before boarding.

Did you know? You can also buy your ticket online, using the SNCB app and then presenting it to the train conductor directly from the screen of your smartphone/tablet/laptop.

We strongly advise you to buy your ticket before boarding the train, as your ticket will cost € 9 more (contactless electronic payment only). Avoid fines and travel with a valid ticket.

If you are travelling without a valid ticket:

  • You buy a ticket at the On-board Fare (normal ticket price + € 9) and you can continue your journey as planned.
  • If you fail to buy a ticket at the On-board Fare for whatever reason, the train conductor will be required to issue an application for regularisation (€ 90). You are entitled to contact Customer Services if you can justify travelling without a valid train ticket or being unable to buy a ticket at the On-board Fare.

If you are travelling with an expired season ticket/railcard:

As for travellers without a valid ticket, you will need to buy a ticket at the On-Board Fare (normal ticket price + € 9, contactless electronic payment only)

If you have forgotten your season ticket/railcard:

The train conductor will be required to issue a regularisation request (€ 90). Within 14 calendar days (including the date of the oversight), you will have to present your season ticket/railcard, which was valid on the date of the notice, as well as the regularisation request at the ticket office. The notice and the regularisation request (€ 90) will be cancelled.

If there is no ticket office (open) and no available ticket vending machine (or if it has been out of order for a long time), then the 'On-Board Fare' supplement will not be applied. The conductors' sales system will automatically recognise this fact.
In the event that this supplement is still charged (a temporary fault in a ticket vending machine has not been taken into account by the conductors' sales system), please contact Customer Service.

The €9 supplement will not be charged for:

  • Products that are not available at ticket vending machines
  • When boarding from a stop without a ticket office of ticket vending machine
  • When boarding from a stop where the conductor's sales system indicates that the vending machine is out of order
  • In the event of a general system failure
  • The Brussels Airport Supplement for Brussels Airport - Zaventem
  • tickets from Eijsden, Lezennes, Hellemmes, Pont de Bois, Annappes, Croix l'Allumette to Belgium, tickets between 2 stations in France or Luxembourg, Bike Supplement from Luxembourg and France, Pet Supplement from Luxembourg, and for each accompanied child.